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About Our Circle

Nairn Wine Circle was formed in 1986 when a few enthusiasts in the town of Nairn joined together to share their experiences of making Country Wines. Miss Patsy Forbes was one of the main driving forces behind the formation of the Circle as was the late Mrs Moira Cobb.

Current secretary, Rosemary Largue and current chairman Betty Green were also founder members of the Circle and bring a wealth of experience to the activities of the Circle.

Rosemary recalls that some of the wines in the early days left much to be desired but over the years, and with collaborative input from all the members,  standards have definitely improved

The Annual Nairn Farm Show has a section for Country Wines and the judges at recent Nairn Shows have been most complimentary regarding the increase in standards of the wine.

So whether you are a beginner, an enthusiast or would just like to know more about the fascinating hobby of Country Wine making, please get in touch and join in the fun. Contact Us


The Nairn Farm showgives the Circle an opportunity to share some of our activites and wines with the wider public. So free tasting is avaialable at the show but we do not have the authority to sell any wines. Sorry...


16th October 2018 – Opening Meeting, Welcome New Members, Dry Wine Whist (Faylea, Milton of Culloden  South)

18th December, 2018 -Xmas Dinner (Ozzy Ali's Nairn 7.30 pm)

19th February, 2019 – Sweet Wine Whist (36 Wyvis Dr)

19th March, 2019– Parsnip Wine  (48 Beech Ave)

18th  June, 2019- A.G.M. – Liqueur (36 Wyvis Dr)

27th July 2019– NAIRN SHOW


Nominated Wine for 2016 Nairn Show was Birch Sap     

Nominated Wine for 2017 Nairn Show is Dandelion    

Nominated wine for 2018 Nairn Show is Mixed Fruit  Click Here for recipe

Nominated wine for 2019 Nairn Show is Parsnip Click here for recipe

Nominated wine for 2020 Nairn Show is Mango

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